1. thenewbhaxor

    Thanks a lot for this brief writing and it is a gold mine for me as I want to start my journey in bugbounty!

  2. Ed Carlos

    Just one thing.
    Your linux commands list contains this:
    “rm -rf / – make computer faster”
    And that really shouldn’t be there

  3. i think you should review the yt channel links section because they are same as the last your whoami post which contained some gaming and terminated channel which is not helpful. thanks

    • babayaga47

      Thanka for that I actually mentioned that some of them are moved from previous post and also have a good new list will update it

  4. Aurangzaib Pario

    wow …. what a post man … !! LONG LIVE … 😍😍 … publish your own PDF and you can get bucks from it man … Go on 😊

  5. noob beliver

    brother,,,be honest and don’t mind if i asked it for like, how much time a guy should take if he contribute 2 hours per day….Because I am a university student and most of the time waste in university,,,and got 2 hours of free time everyday,,,,so if i start then can i complete all of these within 1 year?or how much time can it take…the reason i asked because you have that much knowledge ,,,sorry for asking this but please hey help me…

    • babayaga47

      Hey Man! First of all never say sorry for asking questions! If you won’t ask you won’t learn. And about this well an hour a day is enough for you to learn! Give an hour! Than next day do practice related to that thing! Keep doing it 1 year will be good to get a good hands on and start than it all depends on the person Himself and his learning behaviours.

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